NO HAY BANDA is a series of live musical events that aims to provide new outlets for artistic innovation and expression. Presented with the support of Suoni Per Il Popolo, programmes are designed to broaden and challenge the musical experience of the audience, showcasing the work of the young avant-garde that takes its roots in pop/rock, DIY culture and post-war experimentation.

NO HAY BANDA seeks to promote music born of a generation that sees no barriers between musical genres, theatre, performative art and contemporary culture. We aim to create a space open to a diversified audience, and to promote the aesthetics of international experimentation in presenting performances of this kind for the first time in Montreal.

NO HAY BANDA is formed by three performers based in Montreal: Geneviève Liboiron, Noam Bierstone and Daniel Áñez. Concerts are held Monday evenings at La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent), a beautiful room located in a historic Montreal building.