Noam Bierstone is a Canadian percussionist and curator dedicated to modern artistic performance. Committed to the creation and development of new music, Noam is a founding member of three primary artistic ventures: the saxophone and percussion duo scapegoat, which has extensively toured and performed across North America, Europe, and Australia; the Montreal concert series and performance collective NO HAY BANDA, that has quickly grown to be recognized as a leading voice of experimental new music in Canada, and the Montreal-based percussion quartet ArchitekNoam pursues ongoing collaborations with various composers and artists, with a particular interest in works that expand the notion of percussion playing through new techniques, hybrid instruments, theatrical and choreographic elements, and performer-controlled electronics. Noam is regularly invited to perform at international festivals and with leading new music groups across Canada and Europe, and his discography includes releases on KAIROS, New Focus Recordings, NMC, and Cantaloupe Music. In his spare time, Noam enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, and folk dancing.

Noam holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from McGill University (supervisors: Aiyun Huang & Fabrice Marandola) and a Master in Percussion and Chamber Music from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris. His research has been published in the CeReNeM Journal.

Photo: Robert Del Tredici





Architek Percussion / Open Ears Festival
Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound, Kitchener (ON)



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